A House Divided: A Labyrinth in Washington D.C.

by City Hacks, Washington DC

This is the first Labyrinth documentary, filmed on location in Washington D.C. in April 2018. With no budget and a very small window to film in, this was pretty much a one-take project. Very grateful to Steve Bassett and Danielle Welch for sticking with me through the  freezing wind and rain to get it done. In the end I was pretty happy with it. I hope you enjoy watching. 

Responding to Abraham Lincoln’s famous quote from Mark’s Gospel, and in a context where America’s religious identity is hotly contested, this Labyrinth takes an alternative look at the biblical story of Jesus, as told by Mark, as a way of re-reading the stories of the National Mall that shape America today.


Matt Valler

Matt Valler

Founder & Director, Labyrinth

Matt lives in Cornwall, an ancient kingdom in the far South-West of the UK, colonised long ago by the English. He is also the Founder & Director of The Alchemy Project, of which Labyrinth is a part. Matt can often be found drinking good coffee, reading Continetial Philosophy, and playing in the sea with his family.