Every city is full of hidden stories, hard-coded into its buildings, its streets and its art –  stories that quietly enforce the rules we live by. Labyrinth uncovers those stories to that together we can rewrite the rules.

Labyrinth is a global community of hackers. Not the computer-hacking kind. We hack cities. We force open their hidden, unauthorised meanings so that we can create alternatives. And we love it! We’re passionate about the power of stories to change the way we live in the world, and we’ve seen it happen many times in city spaces – both grand and gritty – whose meaning had become rigid and lifeless.

If you want to help us uncover these hidden stories then get hacking! To help you get started we’ve got some posts on How to Hack. Then register your hack, have a go, and send us what you found. Join the City Hacks Facebook Group to connect with others.