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Labyrinth provides alternative tours in contested places.

Every city has hidden stories hard-coded into its buildings, its streets and its art – stories that quietly enforce the rules we live by. We ‘hack’ cities for meaning, uncovering those stories so that together we can rewrite the rules.

Most tours tell you interesting facts about a place. We want to know what this place means. If you want a standard tour where you don't have to think too much then we're not for you. If you're ready to wrestle with the meaning of a place, then join us and hack a city.

Labyrinth makes the familiar unfamiliar and shows how the far-away is often closer to home than we think. So whether you're a resident wanting to experience your own place in a new way, or a tourist looking for an alternative way to get under-the-skin of a new city, Labyrinth is for you.

Places we’ve hacked. Labyrinths we’ve designed. 

Dragons in London

Why are the dragons holding his shield when St George was supposed to have killed them? This Labyrinth takes on the City of London.

Struggles in New York City

This sculpture at Columbia University is the start of a Labyrinth exploring struggles on the Morningside Heights / Harlem border. 

Ghosts at The Alamo

The most iconic site in Texas is haunted by unexpected ghosts. This Labyrinth hacks hotels around its walls to find them.

Monuments in Washington D.C.

How do you hack the most powerful place on earth? The Labyrinth at the National Mall uncovers a hidden cathedral – and its cracks.

Giants in Melbourne

This oversized granite sculpture, The Public Purse, is one of several pieces of public art on a Labyrinth that explores belonging.

Eyeballs in Dallas

In Dallas everything is big. But even with a giant eyeball seeing can be difficult. This Labyrinth explores light and dark, hope and innocence.