Bollards in NJC

by Global


The city that never sleeps was permanently lit for security

despite official assurances nothing impure or deceitful would ever enter

‘book of life’ identity checks at the border provided state of the art biometric documentation

nevertheless the ‘splendor’ of certain kings and nations who were entering had come under question

concerns had been raised about the effectiveness of pearly gates that never closed

so the stone that the builders rejected became the anti-terror bollards of New Jerusalem

bricks from various cairns were quickly repurposed

Adonai-nissi, Jehovah-jireh and boulders from Beersheba and Bethel were dumped on golden streets

effective measure or fear inducing eyesore?

they quickly became targets for angel boll-art!


Jacob caught one tagging anti-patriarchy propaganda on his pillow

a wrestle ensued

he was injured, but overcame


Noah’s altar was draped in a rainbow flag

with sequins!


a bubbling water feature was hidden in the scar of the rock from Meribah

just to haunt Moses


a sensor sound installation was placed in stones on Mount of Olives Road

messianic peace slogans cried out

surprising passers by


rocks that had once been piled to punish an adulterous woman

remained untouched

people quietly wrote their confessions in the sand that surrounded it


tiny wicks were placed in the remnant wax of the Roman seal on Joe Arimethas’ tombstone

a populist shrine to those crucified.

someone kept rolling it away

no body knew who


the millstone from ground zero at Babylon was plastered with paste-up logos of its collapsed corporations

merchants wept

and every tear was wiped away


the monoliths were temporary

to be replaced eventually

by planter boxes

for the tree of life

‘and the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations’

Marcus Curnow

Marcus Curnow

Director / Curator, Labyrinth Melbourne

Marcus has been hacking Melbourne for 20 years. A community organiser and storyteller, he is likely to be found running a food pantry in the inner-city or coaching cricket.