Hacker’s Diary: Melbourne CBD

by | 20 Aug, 2017 | Hacker's Diary

I headed to this place this afternoon, not sure if I’d be able to access it. It’s in a tiny bit of laneway between La Trobe Street and La Trobe Lane, close to Swanston Street. The first time I’d been there, this was a pretty out of the way spot, in a maze of alleys roughly between Melbourne Central and RMIT. More recently, the whole area’s been getting redeveloped, so there’s construction going on all around. a lot of the lanes are blocked off, and while this spot wasn’t actually blocked off, it was full of tradies’ cars, so it was a bit hard to get in.

The first time I saw this painting, it was like a vision of some kind of spiritual being emanating from the city. You wouldn’t notice it when you first walked into the lane, but if you looked up and saw it it was like it just appeared out of the walls. I think it’s unusual to have that kind of wondrous experience in the city. Spaces aren’t always designed so as to create a sense of mystery or awe. Often they’re just designed to be efficient and practical. This painting in this space, however, gives me a sense of wonder that I’d normally associate more with a natural environment.

With all the construction going on, I don’t know if this artwork will still be there next time I visit, or if the laneway will even be there. I hope we can build a city that has spaces for wonder.