Here Be Dragons: A Labyrinth in the City of London

by City Hacks, City of London

This is the second Labyrinth documentary, filmed on location in the City of London in September 2018. Marcus Curnow and I decided to make it on a whim while we were hacking London together. It’s very low-budget, but hopefully tells a good story! I hope you enjoy watching. 

It develops the story uncovered in the collaborative hack I hosted back in June 2017. The key question: why there are dragons at each entrance to the City of London if St George was supposed to have killed them?


Matt Valler

Matt Valler

Founder & Director, Labyrinth

Matt lives in Cornwall, an ancient kingdom in the far South-West of the UK, colonised long ago by the English. He is also the Founder & Director of The Alchemy Project, of which Labyrinth is a part. Matt can often be found drinking good coffee, reading Continetial Philosophy, and playing in the sea with his family.